Lysed Procare - Your Trustworthy Cleaning and Detergent Expert

Our company has been providing cleaning and landscaping services for more than 10 years!


Lysed Procare Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Lysed Hygiene Services. It had been established since year 1998. During it early years, Lysed Hygiene starting its business in manufacturing chemicals used for cleaning detergent purposes such as floor cleaner, floor degreaser heavy-duty cleaner and others. After many years in the industry, Lysed Hygiene Services start its new ventures in cleaning services business 


Excellent Service. Focus on Quality.

Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply cleaning chemicals as well as using our products for our projects.

Cleaning Chemicals Application Expert

We are skilled and knowledgeable in terms of the application of cleaning chemicals onto cleanliness issues.


We always deliver the highest standards of cleaning and landscaping solutions to our clients.


We are able to adapt to the challenging schedules and new environment.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety of our employees and clients are of greatest importance for our company.

Customer Delight

As we aim for the best, exceeding our client’s expectations are our top priority to undertake total contentment with our professionally managed service.


“You have provided us cleaning and landscaping services since 2010 and your prices are very reasonable compared to other service providers in the market. The reputation of the services of Lysed Hygiene Services has grown to be quite high”
“Your company brought along good expertise that involved the chemical used for cleaning purpose. Your service and feedback in attending complaint were phenomenon compared to our previous service providers. It is through the use of your cleaning services that we have been able to double our cleanliness and hygiene.”
“We have been using you to clean our building for the past 3 years and have always been completely satisfied and also hired you on occasion for extra job such as initial cleaning. You do an excellent job and offer the most competitive rates in town. You have always given us a reasonable pricing and do exactly what we ask of you”
“You have provided cleaning services at our service apartment building Residensi 222, Setapak KL since 2014 up to today as a cleaning service provider. Your knowledges and experiences in providing cleaning service have aided in keeping our building cleanliness and hygiene. Your company have kept and maintain a good track records on the services you provided throughout the years”

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